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Vintage General Radio Company Variac M5RM-S4 Premium New in box - Bangybang.tube

Brand: General Radio Company

Model: M5RM-S4


Type: Variac

  • Original Factory boxes still sealed and included
  • 115V
ABTB Mounting Hole Diameter 0.219 inches nominal single group
ACZB Frequency Rating 400.0 hertz minimum single component and 2.4 kilohertz maximum single component
ACZC Input-Output Phase Relationship Single phase to single phase single component
ADAQ Body Length 4.115 inches minimum and 4.135 inches maximum
ADAR Body Outside Diameter 5.490 inches minimum and 5.510 inches maximum
AFFL Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter 2.500 inches nominal single mounting facility single center group
AKNA Inclosure Type Fully inclosed
AKPV Mounting Facility Quantity 3 single group
AXGY Mounting Method Unthreaded hole single group
BPLC Winding Function and Quantity 1 primary, variable autotransformer type single component
CRBZ Winding Operating Current 7.5 amperes ac maximum single component single primary output
CRMJ Winding Power Rating 860.0 volts-amperes single component single primary output
CWJS Winding Operating Voltage 115.00 ac volts nominal single component single primary input
Winding Operating Voltage 0.00 ac volts minimum single component single primary output and 115.00 ac volts maximum single component single primary output
TTQY Terminal Type and Quantity 3 wire lead


Condition: Factory sealed and packaged, never opened.

Country of Manufacturer: USA

    Collectible item.