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The vacuum tube is a vintage electrical conductor found in most electronic devices before it was replaced in 1969 by a more modern, convenient, and economical technology: the germanium transistor. The tube will forever be associated with the birth of television, radio, and many other signal-based devices, and represents the beginning of today’s postmodern society. Additionally, governments relied on it to operate all their communication apparatus in submarines, airplane towers, radars, etc. The military became the largest user of tubes and started allocating large budgets to building large manufacturing plants to control the supply and become self-reliant. However, the arrival of germanium transistors, and later the silicon transistors, considerably lowered the maintenance costs and simplified the production process, which initiated a rapid shift towards this cheaper alternative. However, this progression came to the detriment of sound quality and as technology favored convenience, it lowered its standards. Quickly, vacuum tube facilities closed down due to the instant decline in demand, since all new assembly lines built their equipment around semi-conductors; and supply stagnated.

Many people, including audiophiles and professionals in the music industry, refuse to sacrifice sound quality and prefer analog equipment engineered to maximize sound potential over the new digital gadgets. Although new manufactures in Russia and China are trying to mimic assembly lines of the military, they are unable to replicate the quality of the vacuum tubes made in the 60s. For this reason, consumers prefer the vintage (NOS) stock tubes made by American and European companies as they guarantee the rugged yet meticulous construction that secures the esteemed and distinguishable analog sound.



Bangybang's owns an extensive collection of US & European made tubes in the millions of pieces available for audiophiles, music professionals, and vintage gear owners to maintain the original sound of their vintage equipment without compromising on the sound quality. We have a direct relationship with Chinese manufactures that depend on large quantities of tubes for their future production lines and are the number one contender of the online market with a strong retail presence on the following platforms: eBay, Reverb, Amazon. We offer testing services at an additional fee and are able to pre-balance tubes by pairs (2x), quads (4x), or octos (8x) depending of the tailored need of each musical equipment. We curate and serve the exigent audio hi fidelity industry by providing the knowhow and expertise needed to maintain the original sound intended from vintage equipment. Our panoply of European brands (Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex, Valvo, etc) and US made brands (Western Electric, General Electric, RCA, Sylvania, Raytheon, etc) offers our clients a vast selection of sound textures to choose from, with the opportunity to respect the intended sound of their equipment.

BANGYBANG RECORDSis an independent Label based in Miami, FL and founded in 2016 by passionate Indie artist MerlinMoon. Its main focus is dedicated to preserving the analog sound associated with the vintage sound of classic albums. It respects the basic laws of music and experiments with gravitas of new technological sound-scaping and electronic bitters to investigate the boundaries of sound. Furthermore, it is home to an extensive collection of historical vintage music equipment and audio processors with respectable collective value. Every piece was personally studied and curated by MerlinMoon before being customized and modified to expand its dynamic range and performance without modifying its original sound. The studio unique approach to scientifically enhancing vintage sound with the use high definition capacitors, transistors, fets, opamps and tubes has acquired a reputable stature in the music business. It has taken a full year to modify and recondition every piece of the studio, all original components and original faceplates to conserve the collective value of each piece of history. The vast resources available at the studio competes with the versatility of corporate studios but in a boutique and intimate setting. The space is accessible to all form of arts and the engineers on site are available to preserve the purity of express of each client.