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5 Vintage Raytheon JAN 5755 12AX7 CV755 Mullard Diff Pinout Audio -Bangybang.tube

Listing includes 5 military packaged and issued tubes.

Brand: Raytheon, Orange Logo

Type: JAN 5755 / 12AX7 / CV3755

  • Black Plate
  • Top Round Getter
  • Double Mica
  • Military Issued 
  • Original Factory Box and Sleeve Included

NOTE: The 5755 is higher in quality than 12ax7/ecc83. Only made for the military by Western Electric and few brands. The sound quality and durability is higher than 12ax7.

PINOUT: The Pinout is not the same as the 12ax7, it requires an adapter that changes the connection of one pin. The adapters are easily found in ebay, amazon and website. You can also rewire the sockets and you will never have to pay again for the high prices of 12ax7. 


Country of Manufacturer: USA.

Condition: NOS NIB

Collectible item.