2 Vintage Hunan Shuguang 811A / VT217 / CV628 / CV5043 for AL-811H Amp Premium Audio Tube - BangyBang Tubes

Listing includes 2 tubes

Brand: Hunan Shuguang Electron Group

Type: Premium High Power Audio Vacuum Tube

Model: 811A

  • Grey Plate
  • Same specs as VT217 / CV628 / CV5043
  • New unopened Original Factory box included
  • Good for AL-811H Amp

Shuguang, China's oldest and largest manufacturer of vacuum tubes has been in business since 1958. In 1983, Shuguang partnered with western firm LG. As of 2005 Shuguang had developed 120 types of vacuum tubes, and manufactured over 70 million units. A notable fact: Shuguang has produced eighty percent of 300B tubes ever made.

Country of Manufacturer: China

Condition: New, Unboxed

Collectible item.




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