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2 Vintage RCA DR2120 Numitron Rare Premium - Bangybang.tube

Listing includes 2 tubes.

Brand: RCA

Type: Premium Vintage Numitron Tubes

Model: DR2120


Tube Data
Type   DR2120
Brand   RCA
Substitudes   DA-2120, DR2120V1
Displayed symbols   +, -, 1 (segments)
Symbol height   10mm (0.400")
Overall dimensions   13.0mm (0.512") dia. X 43.2mm (1.700") tall
Pin diameter   0.5mm (0.020")
typ. supply voltage V 4.5
typ. current per segment mA 24
Base   TO-100, pin 3 zeigt nach vorne/
TO-100, pin 3 in front
Socket   TO-100 oder Einlötbuchsen 0,5mm/ 
TO-100 or pin receptacles 0.5mm


Country of Manufacturer: USA

Highly Collectible item.