6 Vintage Radiotechnique 7289 / 2C39A Triode Tube Valve - BangyBang Tubes

Listing includes 6 tubes.

Brand: Radiotechnique, Marche STTEA

Type: Mil-SPEC Military Specifications Tubes

Model:  7289 / 2C39A

  • Designed as grounded grid oscillators, amplifiers, or frequency multipliers up to 2 500 Mc/s
  • Top of the line metal and ceramic high-mu triodes
  • Manufactured by Radiotechnique 
  • Printed in black RTC AIR 7289 RT 85 05, indicating 1985 production, they come in sealed plastic packs in foam and boxed in brown military boxes printed AIR MARCHÉ STTEA 84/80.176 RTC 

    Country of Manufacturer: France, mid 1980s

    Collectible item.



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