BangyBang Records is a musical sanctuary based in Miami, FL (Bay Harbour Islands). This Independent Label focuses on innovating the musical nostalgia of classic albums that inspired generations. It was founded in 2016 by Indie Artist MerlinMoon as an excuse to gather classic vintage equipment under one roof and make it accessible to all indie rock bands seeking audio purity. Its due to MerlinMoon's visionary dream inspired by his musical passion and idols. Growing up in a digital era, where computers took over the recording process much of the fingerprint and texture of classic albums was lost. BangyBang Records is dedicate to bring back the vintage sounds of classic rock such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Dire Straits and Miles Davis just to name a few. Although, producing music in this digital era is more accessible it comes with high risk of jeopardizing the sound quality. BangyBang Records approach is to find the perfect balance between digital technology and analog audio. Its extensive collection of vintage equipment makes it one of the most reputable studios in East Coast of the United States. After a decade of buying and trading historic equipment, the studios acquired the necessary expertise to curate the right selection of historic analog equipment with the intention to provide its clientele and roaster with the highest quality tools to records vivid emotions.


BangyBang records is home to a 28 Channel Vintage Helios type 78 designed and built by Dick Swettenham former engineer at Olympic Studios in London. The Helios console was previously owned by the legendary ECM Records in their Talent Studio in Norway. It was used in the golden era of ECM records, recording legendary artists such as Pat Metheny. BangyBang Studio's extensive inventory of vintage microphones and outboard gear has been curated by founder MerlinMoon. The studio is home to a rare 1970's Yamaha CS (8'3 Foot) and a rare pair of Telefunken M50's Black Microphone to mimic the sound of the DECCA Label classical recording era.

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